Author: terrynavarro

Are You Aware of Your Tax Problem?

Many clients have diligently saved for retirement and now the rules are changing. The ability to transfer accumulated retirement funds to their children and grandchildren are limited by The 2019 Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act (SECURE Act).  The Act has created a greater tax burden for IRA account holders’ heirs. (See how your retirement […]

Private Placement Life Insurance and Annuities: An Alternative Wealth Planning Strategy

Robert R. Hall of Hall International Insurance Solutions LLC has written a white paper explaining PPLI and PPVA. Mr. Hall is well-known for his work in the HNW individual life insurance space with both U.S. and non-U.S. clients as well as scenarios involving US-nexus scenarios. Advisory services offered through Spearhead Capital Advisors, LLC. Securities offered […]

Is My Life Insurance on Track?

Many individuals own life insurance policies that are not on track to perform as promised. Here is why: improper policy design, unrealistic projections, underperformance of underlying investments, or changes in market conditions or credit ratings. Click below for a chart with some questions to ask yourself about your own coverage. Advisory services offered through Spearhead […]